Noticias Diciembre 2010

International Balint Federation

Aquí encontrará información sobre los trabajos de M Balint las actividades de la sociedad y sus sociedades afiliadas incluyendo las proximas reuniones conferencias y cursos.

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Examining the Evidence 7th December 2010 – National Licensing Examinations

7th December 2010, The Institute of Physics, 76 Portland Place, London

Purpose of the symposium:

ASME is planning to hold a series of three symposia under the umbrella title of ‘Examining the Evidence’.  The aim of these events is to provide a forum where senior medical school faculty, regulatory bodies, medical education providers and policy makers can meet with international experts to discuss and debate current issues of critical importance in medical education.   The format of these events will be specifically designed to allow participants the maximum opportunity to discuss issues and share challenges.   The first of these symposia, organised in collaboration with colleagues from the British Educational Research Association, focuses on the use of National Licensing Examinations for students graduating from medical school

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International Conference in Medical Education (ICME) 2010, Abu Dhabi, UAE
5-7 December 2010

The second International Conference in Medical Education ICME 2010 will take place at Yas Island Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The theme of the conference is «Beyond Flexner: A roadmap for excellence in health professions education».

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3rd Annual Academic Meeting of the Academy of Medical Educators, London, UK
26-27 January 2011

The meeting covers important topical issues and considers the importance of patient centredness as a concept at the heart of medical education. There are also opportunities for members to present their own work and to join discussion forums focussing on new horizons, strategic and visionary issues and areas of special interest. The Academy’s Annual General Meeting will precede the Academic meeting on the morning of 26th January. This AGM is open to all Members and Fellows of the Academy of Medical Educators. The Academic meeting programme commences during the afternoon of January 26th and continues the following day.

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